Tripple Chocolate Muddy Buddies

I'm sure countless other people have posted their own versions of this fabulous dessert, but this is my personal twist  :)  Chocolate lovers should DEFINITELY give it a try...


9 C         Chex® (I prefer rice but you can use chocolate for a QUADRUPLE muddy buddy mix)

1 C         milk chocolate chips

1 C         semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/2 C      peanut butter (I prefer something sweet and creamy but really you can use anything)

1/4 C      butter or margarine

1 tsp       vanilla

1 1/2 C   your favorite chocolate cake mix powder


 1.  Put butter and peanut butter in large microwaveable bowl and nuke on high for 30 seconds (or until melted)

2. Stir in the vanilla and the milk chocolate chips until the chips are almost melted (ideally you should still have a few lumps of chocolate in there)

3.  Dump in the cereal and stir until coated

4.  Mix in the semi-sweet chocolate chips

5.  Pour everything into a large freezer bag, add the cake mix powder, close the bag, and then shake until everything is coated and no longer wet to the touch (this step may take a couple batches depending on the size of your freezer bag)

6.  Serve and enjoy :)

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